Retro Garden Style

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Coming from a family that invested in single family homes as long term investments, I commonly help clients explore their options to see if becoming a landlord is a situation that suits their lifestyle or personality.  At this retro style garden complex bordered by San Marino on 2 sides (learn more here ), I was recently able to assist the owner in prepping the unit for maximum lease rate through professional marketing including light staging and some professional photography. This even included changing out all the light bulbs to create a warmer and more inviting sense of home.



Whereas it had previously taken 68 days to find a tenant, this approach garnered overwhelming showings within days and a signed lease was agreed to in 11 days from the initial marketing date. The landlord was able to obtain a highly qualified tenant and be comfortable with maintaining her landlord status with not much to worry about! 

If you are considering keeping a home you have inherited or want to move up (or down) and have an "extra" house you are trying to decide what to do with, contact me and we can talk about what situation is right for you!