Once in a Blue Moon!

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Once in a Blue Moon -


Yes, Once in a Blue Moon, a buyer finds a new home for themselves on the first time out looking at properties. In my now 13 years in this industry, and having worked with many buyers of all types of properties, from small condos, to cottages, to estates, I've had a very small handful of buyers be lucky enough to identify their "this is it" property on our first outing. It so happened with my first-time-buyer client recently when we walked into a charming, warm 1940's condo building in the heart of Pasadena. It was indeed the warm period details, the location and the era of the building that captivated them. I strongly urged them to review the HOA documents, get an inspection (get estimates for items needing attention) and explore the neighborhood before moving forward to commit to the property. Empowered with all this information and their excitement with the property and it's energetic location, my client closed on their very first home together! As I wish them well and look forward to seeing them all settled and moved in, I share some sweet period details of their new home here: