My Buyer Got a House!!

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Condos are going fast and furious in Pasadena (click here), and so, yes, in this market environment, I was recently working with a buyer client who wanted to leave the San Fernando Valley to come and start enjoying all that Pasadena has to offer: the restaurants, the energy, the cultural institutions and the overall environment near the mountains with great open spaces, great history and notable architecture.  We looked, and looked, and looked, until, just the right condo matching their criteria became available, which included an attached garage, laundry in the unit and at just the right price.  Of course, it was a multiple offer situation, but given the factors in place, with some strategy, good conversation and their weighing their priorities, my buyers prevailed and they were so excited to get the unit to make into their new home!!  

I truly look forward to seeing them all renovated, settled and moved in (my favorite part)!