Mid-Century Cool Condo Complex

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Bordered by San Marino on 2 sides, this highly desirable garden style condo complex has architectural partners in both Pasadena on Orange Grove and Alhambra on Valley. Embracing a mid-century modern flair, these are all one-story units that almost all have quite generous outdoor garden spaces, many that are approaching yard size.


I just completed the sale of Unit 25 here and the response was very strong, even by people who were not actively looking to purchase. They were very frequently enthused by the interior spaces and the hallmark feature of all 3 of the complexes noted above: the garden style atrium!  


Sales in this complex are rare as only 4 units out of 42 have openly sold over the last 2 years, and thus, between the marketing, the condition and the rare availability, Unit 25 garnered multiple offers and sold quickly. The complex is well maintained and is also loved for it's infrequently used pool so it's almost like a private pool if one would want to take that perspective!


The most recent sale, in which I represented the seller, achieved the highest sale price in the history of the complex at $750,000.  Given that I have handled a couple of sales here, I'll be watching it closely to see where prices for these units go next, as only the market will determine that!  If you would like to be placed on a watch list for this complex, please reach out to me and let me know and I'll be glad to keep you informed.